In the real estate world, there are so many sellers out there who want to get their properties sold. They might be moving, got a new job, they want to buy a new home somewhere, and many others why they want to sell their homes.

We need to know 3 important things to help us sell a home, and not let it sit in the listing for a 6-month duration and then it expires. With the help of a good professional real estate agent, these 3 things will definitely get you a buyer interested, and you’re on your way to selling your home!

Price. Most of the time, sellers think that they can just price their property higher than what it should be. Now, it is natural for sellers to think that way. Good professional agents won’t agree with the price if you want to attract buyers and get your house sold.

So what would be the right price, and I’m still going to profit from it? You have to consider the following key market elements:

1. Are there homes similar to yours recently sold for the price you’re asking?
2. Check if there are homes similar to yours currently listed for.
3. What is the average market time of both groups?

Sellers who face the reality of what the prices should be placed on their homes are the homes that gets sold successfully.

A good real estate agent will provide you a FREE Competitive Market Evaluation, so you can put the right price to your home. A good indication that a home is overpriced if your home does not receive many showings. The only time you can slightly price higher is when the prices of homes are trending upward.

Product. If you are getting a lot of showings, but no offers, this indicates that there is something wrong with your home/property.

Buyers are just like consumers as you. When you walk in to purchase something in a store, you immediately check on the price and compare it with other similar items, and then they will check the packaging. Most of the time, the product that has the best package that attracts the eye will most likely will be picked out from the rest.

So make sure to take care of how your home looks from the outside to the inside. You might not think that this isn’t important, but again, in reality IT is important.

Within 3 seconds, your buyers will make a decision if they like the home or not.. from the exterior of your house. Walk out of your home and look back. Just see if your house is really favorable in somebody else’s eyes.

Now the interior of the house should also be important. Buyers will mentally decorate the home and other projects that they might do for the house they’re buying. It is wise to clean your home, free it from clutter. Floor coverings are also important because if it’s too outdated, buyers might ask for a price reduction.

Promotion. Marketing your property is the next thing you need to consider when selling a home. You will have to discuss this with your real estate agent, and ask for updates all the time. Questions such as, are there photos posted in the website, does the listing office have a website and have they listed your property there? Did you get any showings after listing with the agent? You can easily gauge if their promotion is working with these questions. Make sure that you ask questions from the listing agent so you can also update yourself about the whole process.
These are all the 3 things you need to know and consider. Hope this helps!