t took some time to get this interview done, but Bbeez staff is really happy to post this response from a real busy mom, who’s not only beautiful, but have enjoyed a life well lived (and still is!) with her equally beautiful family! Read on, guys! GET INSPIRED!


More About Her:

I’m Clarice Samson-Lu, a mother of 2 and have been married for 8 years.  I handle three businesses, a school, a boutique and a garments and apparel manufacturing company. The latter business is what keeping the most of my time since it’s the newest.  But aside from those, I love to do and make things that capture my interest and find myself scouting for new DIY ideas or tossing up delish recipes from our latest food trip (since my husband and I love to eat!). Anything that involves the welfare of my family captivates my interest. My hands will never be idle for I always engross them always with something, anything and everything.


Q. We have noticed that you seem to be a busy mom, and a creative one at that. We were particularly interested seeing that you have your own organic garden. What inspired you to start one?

A. Since having kids, I’m more focused on preserving health and wellness so I find ways of introducing healthy and nutritious food to my family without having the old-school, gross feeling of having to eat green vegetables. And I’m one lucky mom that my 2 kids love to eat healthy and right and young as they are, they work-out too! Not only that I’m a health conscious mom, but I also would want them to live in an eco-friendly environment.

Q. It is a well-known fact that organic food can be expensive, have you given a thought about this when you started?

A. I got hooked up to juicing but most of the herbs and vegetables I need are either too expensive or not readily available. And so I thought, “ why not make my own herb garden?’ that way, my ingredients would be convenient for me and I’m 100% sure that they are grown natural and organic.

Q. How did you choose the organic plants you wanted in your garden?

A. The area where I decided to put up my garden is quite small (approx.. 1.5 meters by 5 meters) and that was our balcony so I bought pots and tied them up to the railings and on the wall, thus having a Hanging Herb Garden. I started to buy potted herbs of the most common kind from one of the gardens here in our city and placed them to my prepared pots. I bought another batch of herbs and so on.

Q. Do you mind sharing what tools/materials/things needed to start a small organic garden?

A. I collected gardening tools that are essential for my garden and researched on what are the best soil/compost to be used for growing plants. So, I also made my own compost which consists of soil, sand, rice husks and shavings of fruit and vegetables from the pulp of what I juice. As the herbs matured, I tried getting new cuttings from the old plant to have them grown and cultivate them into new “baby” plants until I was able to fill the area with most of the herbs and plants I needed. From there, I would harvest just what I need for the day and for whatever use whether it would be for juicing, cooking or just having a simple cup of hot tea. I have everything I need within my reach.

Q, Q. Did you have difficulty starting your own organic garden, especially since you also have a family and businesses to take care of?

A. My husband loved the idea too! And my kids would help me water and tend them. Family and friends were also amazed of how I was able to manage and grow a garden in the balcony with just the tiny space that I have and were encouraged to make their own herb garden as well. Having to see my herb garden grow gives such a fulfilling impression especially when they bloom and bear fruit.

Q. For those who want to venture into organic gardening, do you have any tips to share to them?

A. My husband recently shared eco-friendly ideas for our garden like using old plastic cups and PET bottles as pots, let them stand on the ground or wire them to hang on the wall. You need not to invest in expensive and new materials for the garden. It is best to make use of what we have and recycle. It would save you more money since starting up an herb garden is quite costly. Also choose herbs that were grown near your area, in that way, you are sure that they were able adapt the climate and weather of where you are. Investing my money, time and effort on my herb garden was such a satisfying experience and I’m certain that they were grown not only with nature’s love and my love as well. And I’m very pleased of every moment that I serve organic and natural food to my family.