True Companions is specifically tailored for those who are genuinely seeking people of like kind for Companionship/Friendship and or a little Romance

The site is not to be seen as a Typical dating site, thereby giving false expectations to those yearning for a committed relationship.

This idea came to fruition a while ago, realising that NOT everybody is keen to venture down that path and for a number of reasons.

They’re tired of all the hype and fake files that come with a lot of dating sites.

They’re happy with their current lifestyle & are set in their ways.

They’re just happy to socialise on a very casual level.

They may be looking for TRUE meaningful PLATONIC friendships.

They’re looking for friendships which may lead to benefits with strict mutual guidelines.

Hence the idea with True Companions is to give those who are GENUINE and SINCERE an opportunity to meet people of like kind with
similar interests to themselves either singularly or in a group environment.

Knowing that there are many out there who were and are extremely creative,  fun loving and shall we say a little adventurous in their day!!

So if you believe in the True Companions vision then become a member and help spread the light.