Like any other viral event or activity, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is now experiencing a decline. Nothing viral ever goes long term. And so goes the fate of the ALS Bucket Challenge.

There are many reasons why the viral challenge has gone dwindling. One of these reasons is the realization that the research is not really that urgent. This goes to show that people have just been taking part of the challenge because of the fad.

Aside from this realization, the bucket challenge can also pose the participant into some serious health threats. Unbeknown to almost everyone, this famous challenge has some health threats which have already sent quite a number of fellows to hospitals because of injury and two others to their grave. Let’s get to know some of these threats.

One of the familiar effects of pouring ice on someone is the sudden change in the blood pressure.  A person’s blood pressure can escalate. This happens because once the body is dipped or exposed to sudden change of temperature, the body will undergo vasoconstriction.

The vasoconstriction will lead to a decreased blood supply and therefore, decreased oxygen supply in the cells. The body, then, compensates by increasing its pressure on the blood flow. However, this increase can also lead to hypertension and if unmanaged, can lead to death.

The Ice Bucket Challenge can also have either a direct or indirect effect on the heart. It can be related to hypertension or to the decrease supply of oxygen. When this happens, it can also lead to fatality.

Another effect of the challenge is the vagal response. Vagal response is a feeling of general discomfort which can lead to fainting or passing out. This happens when the vagus nerve is compromised.

The initial stage of a vagal response is decreased heart rate which eventually leads to decreased blood pressure. Symptoms will then occur like lightheadedness, feeling of nausea, confusion, general weakness and eventually you will black out. If the condition of the victim is not intervened, he/she will die very soon.

These are a few of the known effects of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to the human body. Before taking up the challenge, one needs to find out first the condition of his/her body. Have fun while making sure of your health.