I saw the ICE Bucket Challenge on the internet, and I didn’t mind it.

I heard that celebrities are doing it, I definitely didn’t want to hear about it.

I heard that they’re doing it for a famous athlete, Pete Frates, but still that did not get my attention.

My first thought was, another crazy stunts from celebrities just to get famous.

My friends on Facebook are even posting about it.

I got curious, so I looked it up. I still didn’t understand why such a challenge existed and became popular.

Finally, I logged out of  my AOL account and found a video in the website that interested me, the headline said something about a guy who cried over it.

And yes, the video did surprised me. I found out the reason why they’re doing it.

It looks fun doing the challenge, and challenging other famous or powerful people to do it, but it has a more serious note about it.

Watch the whole video below to find out how serious ALS is, and why this guy actually appreciated that celebrities are raising awareness about it.