Medical Research Reveals Doctors 
Were WRONG About Calcium

Renegade Medical Doctor Named “Best Doctor in America” Reveals:

  • The secret to fall proof bones! Why you’ve been lied to about calcium and osteoporosis (and the 13 year study that links calcium to MORE bone fractures).
  • How doctors treat heart disease by BLOCKING out calcium (Hint: Why else would over 6 million American’s take calcium channel blockers every single day?)
  • The hidden link between calcium and obesity (how to lose weight without feeling hungry).
  • Plus, what to eat for longevity (the anti-aging ingredient in the diet of the world’s oldest people)…how jellyfish can prevent memory decline… which nutritional supplements cause inflammation…and how you can replace Viagra with this common household food that costs less than $5 per month!

Plus much more…

Everyone knows you need calcium for strong bones, right?

Well, what if I told you, you could get stronger bones…AND… lower your risk for a slew of deadly diseases by consuming LESS calcium.

If that sounds crazy, consider this:

For 13 years, researchers from The Nurses’ Health Study (run in large part by Harvard and the largest investigation of its kind in history) followed 122,000 women. Those who had the MOST bone fractures consumed MORE calcium from dairy products.

That’s Right…MORE Calcium Leads To WEAKER Bones!

And it’s not just your bones. Calcium has also been linked to…

  • An 86% jump in heart disease – Following 24,000 Germans for 11 years, scientists found an alarming 86 (eight six!) percent jump in heart disease in those who supplemented with calcium following common recommendations.
  • Nearly doubles fatal prostate cancer – A Harvard study found men who drank two or more glasses of milk a day were almost twice as likely to develop advanced prostate cancer. A follow up study found men with the highest calcium intake – at least 2,000 milligrams a day – had nearly double the risk of developing fatal prostate cancer.
  • Doubled Sudden Death – Half of a group of 1,471 healthy postmenopausal women took daily calcium supplementation and had almost double the number of heart attacks, strokes and sudden death!

There’s more. Increased risk of kidney stones, obesity, brain cell death, the list goes on…

Mainstream Media is Just Catching Up to the Health Threats
Revealed in The Calcium Lie II Book

“Studies Find Link Between Alzheimer’s, Calcium”

“Taking Calcium May Pose Heart Risks”

“Calcium boosts risk of heart attack, stroke for women, study finds”

If this surprises you, you’re not alone.

Government agencies, medical institutions, your doctor, and the media have told you calcium was the holy grail of nutrients for decades. That if you didn’t get enough your heart would stop…your nerves would stop firing…and your bones would break even if you THOUGHT you were going to fall.

As a result, calcium has been pumped into everything from milk substitutes (soy, rice, and almond), juices, tofu, breakfast cereals, other baked goods, and more.

But thankfully, now the truth is coming out.

All this calcium is NOT good for your bones…waistline…brain…or your ticker. I’ll explain why in just a second. But first…

If Calcium Doesn’t Make Bones Stronger, What Does?

It’s all revealed in a brand new book – written by Dr. Robert Thompson (voted Best Physician in America in 1996) – that for a limited time, you can get for free.

Dr. Thompson first noticed the dangers of calcium while delivering babies as an OBGYN.

Certain women would experience a rash of cavities after childbirth. While researching why, he also learned about two factors that cause over 50% of infant deaths…certain deficiencies that lead to lower IQ scores in babies…and even how a woman’s placenta can reveal her risk for heart disease later in life.

And it was all related to calcium.

After continued research, he released the first volume of The Calcium Lie in 2008 to get the word out about all the dangers of calcium.

8 years and thousands of copies sold later, Dr. Thompson has updated his findings in the newly released The Calcium Lie II. You can buy it for $19.95. But through this page only I’ll give you a copy absolutely free.

In the newly updated edition of The Calcium Lie II you’ll discover

  • How farmers reduced livestock miscarriages by 70% and birth defects by 98% (The shocking link between calcium and infant health…crucial info for pregnant women). Page 127
  • How calcium blocks your body’s ability to absorb vitamins. Page 12
  • Are you getting enough protein? Not if you have excessive gas. Here’s what you shouldn’t eat with meat. Page 80
  • The Five types of hypothyrodism. Most doctors only know of one. How to keep yourself from being misdiagnosed (Plus, what to do if you are on thyroid medication and want off.) Page 104
  • 10 modern day health threats linked to excess calcium intake. Page 35

Thousands of people have discovered how to fight obesity, diabetes, cancer, hardening of the arteries, heart disease, hypertension, hypothyroidism, osteoporosis, depression, migraines, dementia, many autoimmune diseases with the secrets revealed within The Calcium Lie II.


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