After 15 Years Studying in the Far East and
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Pioneering Doctor Heals
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 When Dr. Mark Wiley was 10-years old, his hip bone dislocated and started growing in the wrong direction.

Mark’s hip became so inflamed it caused a limp and his “funny walk” made him a target at school.

By the time he reached adulthood, the arthritis spread from his hip into his neck, back and shoulders.

Then the migraines started.

During college, Mark had one overpowering drive: Get out of pain!

But after seeing dozens of medical doctors, osteopaths, chiropractors and physical therapists… no treatment, drug or surgery had lasting results.

Left with crippling pain and no answers, Mark left home and became the “Marco Polo” of pain, traveling the world and living with traditional doctors and healers in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines.

After going back to school and earning 3 medical degrees, Dr. Mark combined his firsthand experience of Oriental medicine with his university training to create the “Wiley method”… the one approach that finally gave him LASTING RELIEF from decades of searing pain.

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