It is a poison that kills every cell in your body. It does not kill you in an instant, but it churns you bit by bit until there is nothing left of your beautiful soul. Many people call it jealousy; I call it an emotional suicide.

This emotional suicide is what destroys relationships, friendship and families. It can destroy best girlfriends and boyfriends. And it can ignite family feuds.

But where did it stem from? The root of jealousy may either be blamed on the person’s lack of love or the other person’s hunger for satisfaction, which everybody knows can never be fulfilled. Then, when it is not dealt with it grows to become hate and can hurt the person affected and even those people whom he/she cares about.

There is no absolute cure to it. But what one can do is just accept things as they are and be contented with what they he/she has. It is also being able to be happy for the success or victory of another person.

There are therefore two things that can counter-attack the killing effect of jealousy. First is to have self-control. Self-control keeps one from wanting more.

The second, but most important than self-control, is love. With love, it is easy to understand and easy to adapt to each other. If jealousy is an emotional suicide, love is a resurrection.