In the past, the effects of the environment to the health were very minimal. In fact, the only known danger that nature or environment can do to people is/are natural calamities such as earthquakes or typhoons. But recently, there has been a growing wake up call for everyone to take notice of the earth.

For years, human beings have grown so abusive of our environment. We have taken it for granted and now we pay for it.

Climate change is actually man-made. And it took hundreds of years for people to cause that change. It started with small and slow maltreatment, which now turned out to be a big mishap.

Today, the climate is changing very rapidly, and so is the world, that we failed to realize that the changes also have a rapid and perilous effect on our habitat and eventually on our health. What could be the possible effects of this change to our health?

One of the most obvious evidence of climate change is the surging and extreme fluctuation of the temperature. In places where there are several seasons in a year, the warm seasons have now become extremely warm and the cold seasons became extremely cold. In connection to that, the number of deaths related to temperature like heat stroke is increasing.

Now let’s put aside heat. It’s not a common idea but truth be told that cold weather can also put a person at risk for stroke. Cold weather brings about changes in weather and humidity. An increase in humidity and frequent change of weather can cause stroke.

Aside from the extreme weather conditions, climate change can also cause destructive calamities. If we happen to notice, typhoons and earthquakes have become stronger and more destructive. They have led to further damage-causing disasters such as flood and tsunamis.

Such disasters have lately become fatal. Again, we cannot blame it all on nature. This is the work of human beings in progress.

Another dangerous evidence of climate change is the spread of diseases. Diseased that are once epidemic in one region has become pandemic in another. Diseases that are only common in warmer places are now diagnosed in cooler places.

Getting sick also requires a lot of time, a lot of energy and supplies. This poses other patients, most especially in hospitals, at higher risk for aggravation of their symptoms.

The equipment in the hospitals is used to alleviate the condition of patients. However, if the demand is higher than the supply, the main objective or goal of the equipment might be compromised. When this happens, it will cause more damage than good.

The climate change is also an eye opener to everyone. It is actually caused by the unnoticed abuse done by people to nature. And now nature is asking for a payback.

What can we do?