The Bride looked lovely in shimmering white
The bridegroom stood tall and proud-a sheer delight!
For all who heard their promises of love, all their life through
To love no other, to remain true.

The bride is now a wife and mother
The bridegroom, a hard working husband and father.
They have a little house that looks bright and warm.
With childrens’ toys scattered over the lawn
But angry voices float through the air.
From an open window in the sun’s glare
A door bangs, a car starts up, and is driven off at a pace.
You would think it was the start of a motor race!

From the window a tear stained face looks out.
Too late to call, too late to shout..I’m SORRY
She says a prayer to the Lord above
Please give me the chance to show my love

Grant me the patience that I need each day
Help me in all I do and say.
Give me the strength to do the things I should do.
The strength that’s needed to pull us through
We need each other, the children too!

Please help us to show them how to be true.
How to care for each other,through all of life’s ills.
To make our marriage strong enough to climb all the hills!

A car pulls up, the door is flung open.
A tear stained face lights up like a beacon.
They meet among the toys on the lawn.
All the bad words and feelings have flown

Just words of LOVE, tender and forgiving.
Both know the joy forgiveness is bringing.
They now can go on with their loving and living.

To talk together instead of shouting.
To show RESPECT for each other needs.
No more JEALOUSY and the anger it breeds!
To give each other the loving tender care.
That seems to be missed in MARRIAGE,