There are things in this world that money can’t buy, they say. But there are also things in this world that money CAN buy. We have to admit, there are things that can make us happy. They are either tangible things or not.

Let’s not put prejudice on people. We all think differently, respond differently and enjoy things quite differently. To one, family might be his/her source of happiness and to another; it may probably be material things, like big bikes, cars and the latest technology.

But one thing that we should always remember is to have a balance of things. We cannot have too much of something. A song once quoted, “Too much of something is bad enough.. And too much of nothing is just as tough”.

You’re a hypocrite when you say you are satisfied with one thing and will not need other things. That never happens. A human person will always need both the things that money can’t buy and the things that money can buy.

Many famous and successful people admit that despite their wealth and fortune, they lack a lot of attention and love. On the other hand, many people who are rich in relationships end up with nothing. It is funny but it is true!

So just saying, let’s not be hypocrites and admit it. We do need both!