One of the languages of the soul is music. When all else fails and you simply run out of words to say, the best thing you can do is sing a song. Music and songs are the extension of one’s self.

Music can influence people in many ways. It has power to change moods and create a different atmosphere for every person. To some it may just be a hobby but to others, it can be a world to them.

There are actually four types of people when we talk about music. These classifications are according to how they hear and live with music.

The first type of person is the person who only listens to music. Who belongs to this type of people? They are those who listen to music and like them but only until that level. This type of people appreciates music but all they can do is listen passively to it.

The second type of person is the one who actively listens to music, enjoys it and actually lives with it. These people may have a collection of mp3’s and CD’s.  Music helps them study, helps them do with household chores. It relaxes them and it becomes part of their lives.

The third type is the person who is actively involved in music. This classification of people not only listens and likes music but they learn the music. They have learned how to play musical instruments. Music has influenced them that they want to indulge themselves in the music itself.

And lastly, the final and most unique type of person is the one who enjoys music, is influenced by music and has innately the gift or talent to make music. They haven’t really had a formal education about music but when they get their hands on it, they create the sound. Most of these gifted musicians know almost a variety of musical instruments.

And there you have it. Which type would you classify yourself?

A Special Art: The Piano

One of the ways that people can express themselves is through art. There are many forms of art. Art can take the form of a painting, a drawing, a sculpture, a dance move or music.

One of the most influential arts is music. Why music? It is because music has the power to change your mood. Try listening to a depressing song, and you will find yourself also in a depressed state. On the other hand, if you try listening to a happy and positive song, you will also find yourself feeling so high.

Music is created with the use of musical instruments playing along to make a note. It may or may not include vocals which make a tone.

One of the most commonly used musical instruments is the keyboards (used when playing in a modern live band) or the piano (used when playing classical music). It is actually both a common and not so common musical instrument. Why is it both common and uncommon? It is described as both because we usually see concerts with a piano or keyboards. However, only a few can play it.

Piano or keyboards is one of the most difficult musical instruments to play. It is difficult because of it is complex in nature. It is also difficult because it is not handy and not accessible, unlike the guitar which you can purchase and keep anytime.

Nevertheless, this musical instrument is very special because it is the only instrument which can be classified as a stringed instrument and a percussion instrument at the same time. When playing in a band, it can take on the role of some lacking or missing musical instruments.

Let’s take for example, a lead guitar. When a modern band lacks a lead guitar, the keyboards can take on its role. You can just choose which patch or tone voice you want to use and hit on the notes. If the bass guitar is also lacking or missing, the keyboards can also carry the bass of the music.

You might be wondering why it is also a percussion instrument. It’s not because it can also be used as drums but it can also dictate the rhythm and tempo of the music.

At present, there are top three leading brand when it comes to keyboards. They are Yamaha, Roland and Korg. Among the three, Yamaha is known to be the oldest in the industry.

If you are beginner, the most user-friendly of the three is Yamaha. But if you are a pro and you are seeking for new patches and more unique ways to make music, you can explore among these three brand names.

Yamaha has a variety of features, including a piano. Keyboards from Yamaha can be used as a solo or main player. Roland, on the other hand, can be used as backing instrument or a main player. While Korg, started out as a synthesizer. Later on Korg and Yamaha made a partnership.

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